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Showcase 3D Smartphone Screen Enlarger

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    The Perfect Gadget for the Avid Phone User

    It seems nearly everyone has a smartphone today, and more and more of these people are using their devices to watch videos or movies. With streaming apps at their fingertips, and a world of social media content available, smartphone owners are always looking at their phone screens either at home or on the go. But even though some phone screens are larger now, none of them will never be large enough to replace the viewing experience of a TV screen, or even come close without sacrificing portability. Besides, the smaller screens can result in eye strain after hours of viewing.

    That’s where this handy gadget comes in! The 3D Smartphone Screen Enlarger is just what you need to view your screen at a comfortable size of 12 inches! Equipped to handle up to 4 times magnification, this must-have accessory used HD optical technology to turn a smartphone screen into a projector. Portable and lightweight, the Screen Enlarger fits easily in a bag or backpack for travel, commuting, or just hanging out at the coffee shop.


    Easy to Use, Easy to Watch

    Using the 3D Smartphone Screen Enlarger is a breeze no matter where you set it up. Pull up the small phone stand and place your device on it with the screen facing out. Next, using the tab at top, pull out the 12” magnifying screen all the way and prop it up. For adjust your viewing angle, start with pulling out the legs from the bottom of the enlarger. It’s that easy, and setup is finished in just seconds!

    Made from durable materials, this smartphone screen magnifier is built to last. For safety, the screen retracts into the body, giving it extra protection from scratches or smudges. Available in your choice of black or red, the enlarger is conveniently foldable for easy storage as well as carrying it around, and doesn’t lose any HD quality that your phone screen might be known for. And best of all, there are no batteries required to enlarge the screen! Just slot your phone into the stand, take out the magnifier, and start watching in comfort.

    Reduce Eye Strain & Enjoy The Show!

    Watching any content on a phone screen for a long period of time can cause undue strain on the eyes. Having a screen enlarger handy will increase the area the user is viewing and make it much more relaxing to enjoy a favorite show or streaming video. The foldable stand and legs help adjust the viewing angle for more comfort, depending on your location or how you are seated. Magnifying the screen image by up to 4 times without losing the HD quality will make smartphone viewing so much more enjoyable, you may just be buying a Screen Enlarger for your friends and family!

    Product Highlights

    • 12" screen size turns your mobile phone into a projector
    • Enjoy 2x to 4x magnification with high definition optical technology
    • Portable, lightweight, and durable
    • Magnifying screen retracts for extra protection from scratches
    • No batteries required