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Multifunctional Paint Roller PRO Kit

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The Multifunctional Paint Roller PRO Kit is the NEW quick and easy professional paint roller system to get the job done!

Perfect for PROFESSIONAL and DIY enthusiasts alike, just fill with paint and roll away!

Suitable for both exterior and interior use over any smooth and rough surfaces, the paint rollers distribution system design paints in a perfect and even coat every time. Designed as a 1L refillable paint chamber, the Paint Roller PRO is a washable and reusable system ready for paint application time after time.

The Paint Roller Pro Kit is the perfect essential painting kit for achieving a  quicker, more cost effective and professionally finished product.

The Multifunctional Paint Roller design features:

  • Spill Proof Design - Internal paint chamber eliminates the need for constant paint reapplication and eliminates drips, splatters and mess.
  • Refillable Paint Chamber Design- The inbuilt 1L refillable paint chamber reduces the need for constant paint re-application and provides for a continuous even disbursement of paint onto the microfibre roller sleeve so you can continue to roll away.

  • Effortlessly Paints  - The Microfibre Roller Sleeve System delivers an even coat of paint every time resulting in a seamless and evenly distributed professional finish.
  • Easy to use design - Roll onto any exterior or interior surfaces with an even paint distribution.
  • Washable and Reusable - We made this so you wouldn't have to replace it. Ever. Design to be washable the Paint Roller Pro Kit is the essential painting tool set that can be reused time after time for all your painting needs.
  • Flocked Edger and Corner Cutter Pad - Cutting in made easy. Use the Flocked Edger and Corner Cutter Pad to achieve a professional finish on tricky corners or around fixtures and fittings. 
  • Convenient - Eliminate the need for drop sheets, paint trays and masking tape. The paint roller is designed to make pre-paint preparation a thing of the past. Just fill with paint and roll away!
  • Save Money and Time - A combination of eliminated avoidable drips, splatters and mess, refillable inbuilt paint chamber and a seamless and even distribution sleeve topped with a wash and reuse design make the Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit the most MONEY and TIME saving paint toolkit on the Market!

 The Multifunctional Paint Roller PRO Kit 

5 Piece Kit: Includes

  • 1 x Refillable Paint Roller with microfibre roller sleeve.
  • 1 x Refillable Paint Wheel with mircrofibre roller sleeve.
  • 1 x Resting Tray
  • 1 x Flocked Edger and Corner Cutter Pad
  • 1 x Easy Pour Paint Jug

 8 Piece Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Refillable Paint Roller with microfibre roller sleeve.
  • 1 x Refillable Paint Wheel with mircrofibre roller sleeve.
  • 1 x Resting Tray
  • 1 x Flocked Edger and Corner Cutter Pad
  • 1 x Easy Pour Paint Jug
  • 1 x 3 piece adjustable extension pole


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